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3 C’s to Win The Moment!

Do you ever struggle with overthinking? Or there’s too many things going on at once and you don’t know how to lock-in to your focus? Join the club! The more I coach athletes, the more I hear this is a reoccurring problem.
To WIN THE MOMENT you need micro-focus. Focusing on one play at a time. The only moment you have access to is the present! A great question I ask my athletes is: “Are you mind full or mindful?”
- Mind Full: you’re overthinking. There’s too many things going on at once and you don’t know how, or what, to think about.
- Mindful: “the best focus on less.” You can keep the game simple and focus on the right things, in the right moment.

What the best of the best can do is be MINDFUL in the moment. They can focus on what they can control and keep the game simple in their mind. Because if we can keep it simple in the mind, then the game will be simpler on the court as well.
“Successful people are not usually more talented. Successful people are usually more FOCUSED!”
CHALLENGE: To Win The Moment, focus on the 3 C’s:
● Clarity: what you need to do to win
● Competence: Knowledge/skill level to win
● Confidence: get it done
CHALLENGE: Where can you be better to make sure that momentum is HIGH?
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