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1-on-1 Coaching

Life and game changing one on one coaching sessions with a certified mental performance coach.

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1-on-1 Coaching

Using our proven FRAMEWORK athletes will be coached to develop impactful habits and routines while also creating a strong mindset to optimize performance in pursuit of athletic and life goals.

Mental Toughness
Develop self-awareness to make consistent decisions aligned with individual goals.
Mental Imagery & Meditation
Evaluating circumstances to create visualization and mental experiences that resemble actual experiences.
Time Management
Ability to use time and energy in the most effective manner by preparing, prioritizing, and organizing.
Goal Setting
Creating and aligning player’s goals on and off the court. 
Ability to build trust and get results while holding yourself and the program accountable.
Set of beliefs that create an environment which drive behaviors for success.
Servant Leadership
Become a servant leader to enrich the lives of your teammates and coaches to build a stronger, empowered, connected, and cohesive team.
Developing the awareness and belief about who you are and who you want to be, to show up as your best self in the classroom, in practice, and during competition.
Self-awareness of the task at hand to perform consistently, while navigating adversity, to reach goals.
Present Moment Focus
Process Over Outcome
Executing plans consistently while focused on the journey, not the destination.
Ability to take control of your own thoughts, emotions, and actions to hold yourself accountable for your own failure & success.
The ability to practice the conscious and subconscious dialogue that occurs in your mind before, during, and after competition; to improve your confidence and emotions that impact your performance
  • How long are each coaching sessions?
    Each coaching call is 30 minutes long.
  • How are the coaching sessions executed?
    Coaching sessions can be executed in-person (depending on location), via phone, Facetime calls, as well as zoom video conferencing.
  • Who are the coaches?
    Sessions will be booked with certified Mental Performance Coach, Jeff Becker
  • How often are sessions?
    The best practice, for best results, is to have a session either once a week or once every two weeks.
  • What are the sessions about?
    We follow a proven framework built by Jeff Becker to help athletes improve their habits, routines, and mindset. The framework follows our 12 pillars (You can find these above).
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