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4 Dimensions of Your Self Talk

The WORDS you say to yourself create PICTURES in our mind (like a movie with no words playing inside your mind). Those pictures create your FEELINGS. Those feelings create you BELIEFS (or lack thereof) within you.
WORDS are tools: Our brain processes the WORDS we say and hear. (We’re like a security guard constantly telling our mind what is acceptable to let in or deny out.)
PICTURES we see: Our brain creates PICTURES inside our mind determined by the words we tell ourselves. (I like to say we’re the author of ‘picture book’ inside our head).
FEELINGS we feel: Our brain can’t tell the difference between what is imagined and what is real. (That’s why in dreams we’ve woken up sweaty, crying, heart racing, etc. because our mind doesn’t know the difference.).
BELIEFS run your life: your mindset is a condition of BELIEFS that drive behavior.
*What limiting beliefs are holding you back?
*What words/pictures are you telling yourself that misshaping your beliefs?


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