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5 Keys to Leveling Up Your MENTAL TOUGHNESS!

Mental toughness is such a buzzword right now. Understand that mental toughness has NOTHING to do with how strong you are, how well you shoot a basketball, or anything that has to do with your physical skillset.

I think a great way to define Mental Toughness is: “doing what needs to be done, even when you don’t feel like it.”
To grow our mental toughness, athletes need to look into these 5 key aspects:
Self-Awareness: what emotions do you feel? What do you need during this time?
Situational Awareness: are you able to respond in an effective way?
Discipline at Defining Moments: focusing on 1) how you feel and 2) what you need to do?
Create Mental Energy Required for Action: all situations are different, all energies are different.
Knowing How to Get Out of a Negative State and into a Positive Mental State
My challenge for you: During tough situations, focus on the 3 F’s of Mental Toughness:


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