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Controlling Your EMOTIONS

Everyone FEELS their emotions. But the best don’t ACT off their emotions. When you can have a better understanding and relationship with your emotions, that’s when you’ll start to see even more improvement and development. 
So what exactly are emotions?
Emotions are:
-       WHAT you’re feeling.
-       WHY you’re feeling it.
-       WHAT it wants you to do.
-       DIRECTING the feeling of good for you and others.
How do you lose emotions?
1)    Aren’t aware what you’re feeling.
2)    Don’t know why we feel this way.
3)    Unsure what to do with this feeling.
4)    Not directing to benefit you or others.
 Don’t let your emotions control you, YOU must control your emotions! 
CHALLENGE: The GREATS always control their emotions. How can you improve controlling your emotions?
Own your outcome!

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