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FEELINGS Don’t Need To Control You


Many of us believe that they must act by how they feel. Feelings aren't always correct. Some of your loudest feelings, strongest feelings, will be frustration, anger, disappointment, rage. You can't act the way that you feel all the time. 

We see it all of the time on the basketball court. I feel frustrated, I act frustrated. I feel negative, I act negative. I feel doubt, I act with doubt and hesitancy. 

What the best players understand is that their next action is a choice. Even after they make a mistake, or when things aren’t going their way. Your response to the next play is still your decision. You can choose discipline. You can choose positive self-talk. You can choose to stay in the present moment and focus on the offensive or defensive end of the floor.

The best players can override those strong feelings with a choice, a decision, an intentionality to be better in this moment.
CHALLENGE: Stop acting by how you feel. Choose to be better!
Own your outcome!

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