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Realize This - YOU Are Contagious!

This might be the #1 thing that almost every athlete doesn’t understand… YOU are contagious! 

I don’t care how many points you are averaging, if you start or not, an underclassmen or upperclassmen, your behaviors matter. 

I want you to think of this…: 
  1. Think of the most positively contagious teammate / leader you’ve ever had?

  2. Think of the most negatively contagious teammate / leader you’ve ever had?

Most athletes think that they’re only contagious when things are going well for them or when you’re getting the minutes you want. But what you don't realize is that EVERYONE is contagious. With the question above, I guarantee that you thought of a negatively contagious teammate also. 

This shows you that there’s no such thing as neutrality when it comes to being contagious, you’re either positive or negative. One of my favorite quotes from a college coach years ago was: “You’re either bringing us life, or sucking it out of us.” You can’t just be neutral in that decision. 

Someone who’s contagious in a positive way: great body language, always engaged in the conversation and/or drill, being vocal and communicating, uplifting others, not focusing on results, controlling the controllables.

Someone who’s negatively contagious: complaining, pouting, bad body language, ulterior motives and not wanting what’s best for the team, not showing up with intentionality, and much, much more… 

The choice is yours - positive or negative? You CANNOT be neutral when it comes to being contagious. 
CHALLENGE: Great quote: “Everyone affects the energy in the room. Some as they walk into the room, and many as they walk out of the room.”
Own your outcome!

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