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Have you ever heard of Expectancy Theory? Expectancy Theory is defined as “behavior that is motivated by anticipated results or consequences.” Where are you setting limits in your own life? 
We all hold ourselves back from our greatest versions because we limit or focus, beliefs, and thinking. 
“What you focus on expands!” If you focus on the negative, guess what? … you’ll experience the negative. If you have an optimistic outlook on a situation… there’s a good chance you’ll see the good in it. 
Here’s 3 steps to improve your outlook:
1)    FOCUS: Have clarity in what you want to focus on (Examples: positive outlook, more confidence, be a better leader, better self-talk, etc.). By focusing on it, you’re attracting more awareness to help change your mindset.
2)    FEEL: Control what you can control. Change can’t to CAN, won’t to WILL, negative to POSITIVE! Feel your way into a bigger and better version of yourself.
3)    FIND: Attract what you’re looking for.
CHALLENGE: What are you focusing too much on that’s hurting your performance? Where in your life can you make a shift in your mindset? “OWN YOUR OUTCOME!”

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