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2 Steps to Accountability

Holding yourself and others accountable is one of the most difficult things a leader must do. But it’s very crucial to uphold the highest standards for yourself, the team, and the program. Your team is following your direction. They’re watching your every move. You must make sure that their actions and behaviors are in alignment with those highest standards.
To help yourself improve, and to get the team more involved, you must exemplify high levels of accountability. It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. But it’s worth it!
2 Steps to Accountability:
1. REWARD Alignment – “Rewarded behavior is repeated behavior.” When someone’s behavior is in alignment with the standards, you must acknowledge and reward that behavior. Speak up. Say something. Make sure that those behaviors get a verbal recognition.
2. Create DISCOMFORT for Misalignment – As the same is true for the above, the same is true for the misaligned actions and behaviors. I love to tell leaders and teams that holding others accountable is “correction to a misaligned behavior. It isn’t misalignment of you as a person.” We take it way too personally. The leader must take responsibility to confront misalignment. Because if you don’t, who will? 
Being accountable isn’t a punishment. It’s the responsibility of a great leader!
Own your outcome!

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