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3 P’s To A Great CULTURE!

Many coaches have the wrong belief of what culture is. Some leaders think that culture is a sign on the locker room door. Others think it’s some ‘rah-rah’ speech before the big game. I’ve worked with some coaching staffs that believe it’s a notecard full of words that the players read occasionally. While all of these things may help culture, that’s not it.

Here’s the truth about culture...

Culture is HARD, it’s never-ending. Every team, organization, business, and program have a CULTURE. Unfortunately, many leaders don’t understand that their culture exists.

When I start working with a team or program, this is where I start with culture:

3 P’s of Culture

You build your culture by what you 1) Practice 2) Promote and 3) Permit.

1) Practice

What’s your daily activity to produce the results?

2) Promote

What behaviors are you rewarding and promoting?

3) Permit

What behaviors are you allowing and permitting?

CHALLENGE: Where can you improve and impact your team's culture in a positive way?




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