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3 Things To Be Successful On The Court

Everyone wants success, but very few achieve it. Why is that?

Here’s the 3 things that successful people do more than their counterparts:

1) Direction

Successful people have direction. Not only direction, but they have great clarity for why they do what they do. Direction gives performers more sense of purpose and drive towards their daily actions. It also helps them also eliminate distractions and fuels their focus on their direction and goals they want to achieve.

2) Action

“Successful people have failed more than unsuccessful people have tried.” High performers know that taking action, consistent action, will give them a better chance at achieving success. Remember, its’ not: Ready - Aim - FIRE. It’s: Ready - FIRE - Aim. Take ACTION!

“Successful people have failed more than unsuccessful people have tried.”

3) Time

Trust the process. There is no such thing as immediate gratification when it comes to success (unless you win the lottery). It takes conscious effort, built up over time, with consistency to produce the success you want in your life. Also remember, the larger your goal is, the more time it will take to achieve that success. Stay patient.

CHALLENGE: Which one of these 3 do you need to understand and be better with? How will you do it?




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