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3 Tips (On Your Phone) To Manage Distractions

The #1 reason people don’t succeed is not because they’re not talented enough, not because they’re not smart enough, it’s because they get DISTRACTED too easily. The biggest reason we get distracted… you guessed it… our cell phones.

When I work with individuals, we go through many strategic ideas to cut back on and eliminate as many distractions with our phone as possible. Here’s 3 ideas to help cut back on distractions with your phone:

  1. Notifications: The BIGGEST distraction we all have is what’s ‘popping up’ on our locked screens. Eliminate that by turning off the notification of as many apps as possible from your locked screen. I only have turned on: phone calls, calendar, and Uber/Lyft. What can you turn off?

  2. Lower # of Following: I used to the think that keeping the same ratio of # of followers to # of following should be roughly the same. Now, I work with my clients on reducing the # of people you follow by as many as possible! Having a large amount of people you follow is just distracting you more on social media. Let's be honest, many of us are following people we haven’t spoken to in 2, 5, 10+ years. T

hese individuals don’t bring any value to your life (I mean this in the nicest way). My rule for if I follow you: 1) do you bring my life value? 2) have we spoken over the last 8-10 months? Sorry I’m not sorry if don’t follow you.

  1. App Limits: I work extensively with myself and my clients on finding which apps cause the most distraction. These are usually social media apps and/or games. I highly recommend you set limits for your most used, most distracting, apps. I have limits on my Instagram (40 minutes per day). Set your limits for what will help you be most efficient and optimized. CHALLENGE: Which of these 3 can you start with? How will you implement it?

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