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3 Tips To Use Your Phone (The RIGHT Way)!

Phone distractions D:D ratio/ E:E ratio:

Did you know that there’s other ways to use your phone? Many people see their phone just for entertainment purposes. We use it for calls, texts, social media, emails, and helping with directions.

But there’s more to having a phone! What high performers do is utilize their phone as a source for good, not just for entertainment. Here’s 3 tips to keep in mind for optimizing your phone usage.

1) Automobile University: As you’re in your car many listen to music on their rides. I challenge you to use these times for learning and development. Try listening to podcasts or audiobooks! By using this time more wisely, you’ve now entered “automobile university” in which you can start learning, growing, and developing. Even for those saying “I only have a 5 minute drive.” Well that’s still 20-30 more minutes a week than the average person.

“Do a little a lot, not a lot a little.”

2) E:E Ratio: Challenge yourself for what ratio you use your phone for Entertainment vs. Education? Make a list of every app on your phone. Then categorize if it falls into the entertainment or education column. You can also do the same for the people/accounts that you follow on social media. Do you follow them for entertainment or education? Try to find more use for your education!

3) Increase Playback Speed: To help with “Automobile University,” research shows that a human can still comprehend while listening at 4x speed! Whether you’re listening to podcasts, audiobooks, youtube videos, try to increase the speed at which it’s played. The reason for this is getting more information in less time. Also, think about this, as the average person might listen to a 20 minute podcast on their 20 minute break. Now you can double that information by receiving upwards of 40 minutes of information! Over a day, week, or month that’s 1.5x or 2x more info you can receive!

CHALLENGE: Which one of these 3 tips can you implement this week?


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