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4 Enemies of Momentum

Have you ever tried to push a parked car in neutral? It’s very hard at first. You push, and push, and push, and feel like you’re not making any progress. But once you get the neutral moving forward it gets easier and easier.

That’s because of momentum! Everything that we do has momentum. What the best understand is that momentum, consistency, and continuing to move forward is the key to their success.

Here are the 4 enemies of momentum:
1) Insufficient Energy/Effort: if energy is low, then momentum will be low. Step 1 is always to elevate your energy!
2) Friction: what forces are holding you back? Selfishness? Ego? Lack of trust? Self-centeredness?
3) Speed Bumps: challenges (injuries, loss, etc.).
4) Drifting Off Course: need the awareness and discipline to stay focused.
CHALLENGE: Where can you be better to make sure that momentum is HIGH?
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