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5 Steps to Grow Mental Toughness

Mental toughness does not take any physical skill and has nothing to do about physical strength. Mental toughness is ‘between the ears’ and the ability to focus on the process over the outcome.

As athletes and coaches, we’re all doing the same things (practicing, training, weights and conditioning, etc.). The difference maker will be the mental toughness of the individuals on a team.

5 Steps to Grow Mental Toughness:

1) Growth Mindset

Believing that you can grow and develop with the right amount of work ethic and discipline.

2) Overcoming Obstacles

The best prepares and expect for the worst situations. They understand that adversity will happen and it’s a matter of how you will respond.

3) Control Controllables

Responding to adversity with standards and principles and not just emotions and preferences. “It’s easy when it’s easy, who are you when it’s not?”

4) Self Talk

You are the author of the story being written inside your head, make sure you’re telling yourself the story you want to live out!

5) Seek & Embrace Challenges

Be comfortable being uncomfortable. There is no growth (both physically and mentally) without discomfort.

Quote to think on: “If you’re physically strong you might gain mental toughness. But if you’re mentally tough you will gain more physical strength.”

CHALLENGE: How can you be more mentally tough?




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