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7 Steps To Defeat Fear

We all have fears. Fear can hide itself in our doubts, negativity, limiting beliefs and more. High performers still feel fear, but what they do is have a better understanding of their fears. This gives them the ability to overcome fears to perform at a higher level.

Here’s the 7 Steps To Defeat Fear:

1) Face it head on – take ACTION! “You dont always FEEL confident. But you can always ACT confident.” Face your fear by taking action and stop overthinking.

2) Being 100% present – stop numbing and avoiding. Our fears want us to hide and avoid them. Take a deep breath, lock into the present moment, and start by taking the next right action.

3) Create dedicated time – time block to stop avoiding. When you time block, you’re making a disciplined decision ahead of time to help make the right conscious decisions.

4) Talk about with others – fear wants you to hide. Fear wants you to be you alone. The more that you can openly communicate your fear, the better you’ll understand them and control them. “Name it, to tame it.”

5) Change something significant – fear doesn’t like change, chip away with change, MOVE, – exercise. Fear wants you to be stagnant and ‘alone’ with your thoughts. By being active, your mind starts thinking of different ways to control the emotion of fear.

6) Reframe fear – is it really true? True said by who? Research shows 85% of what we worry about, never actually comes true. By dissecting our fears, most of the time you’ll realize it’s just a thought thats passing through my mind. Just as if a cloud passes through the sky.

7) Recommit everyday until completed – it’s a daily decision to COMMIT! The more that you can commit, the more repetitions that you can create, will help you gain confidence and diminish your fear.

CHALLENGE: Where is fear controlling you? How will you overcome this ‘fear’? Remember, FEAR stands for: False Evidence Appearing Real


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