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Control The Controllable

There’s a great quote that “boats don’t sink from water OUTSIDE of the boat. Boats sink because of the water INSIDE of the boat.” This is a great analogy for our life as well. We are the boat. Our happiness and fulfillment are determined from “keeping water outside of the boat.” This “water” could be outside voices and opinions, distractions, negativity, and other factors that negatively affect you. Your ability to control the controllable when this “water” is present in your life is a direct reflection of your mental toughness and discipline.

Understand that your behaviors are not the truth. Your behaviors are based on your perception of the truth. To add to this is a quote to reflect on: “you aren’t what you think you are. You aren’t what others think you are. You are what you think others think you are.” Protect your “boat” and keep the “water” outside! CHALLENGE: What “water” is in your life that you need to get out of your “boat”? “OWN YOUR OUTCOME!”

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