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Improving Focus

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”
When we are questioning focus, we need to ask ourselves:
Is this:
1) Attractive or meaningful?
2) Popular or valuable?
3) Common or successful?
4) Loud or insightful?
5) Getting my attention or deserving of my attention?
In a world of more distraction than ever before. There is always something battling for our focus and attention. Remember that the most successful individuals are not usually the most talented. The most successful individuals are the most FOCUSED!
To become more successful, you must take back control of your focus. It’s very easy and comfortable to focus on the attractive, popular, common things. But that’s just it, that’s common. To be uncommon you must be willing to do what is uncommon. Take back control of your focus!
CHALLENGE: How can you level up your focus today? Continue to focus on what’s meaningful, valuable, successful, insightful, and deserving of your attention.


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