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The “Say-Do” Gap

As athletes we want to try and control EVERYTHING! Players try to control their playing time, what This may be the #1 way to start seeing results: The “Say-Do” Gap.

Many of us, all of us, SAY a lot of things. Say we’re going to: get up early, eat healthier, get the extra reps in, have that hard conversation; and the list goes on and on. We know what we want to do, what we want to change, what we want to fix. But the hard part is taking action!
Did you know that what you want and how to do registers in two separate parts of the brain? Which means that just because we know what to do doesn’t mean that we always do it. Sound familiar?
The highest performers understand that TAKING ACTION is the recipe for success. You cannot hope, wish, dream your way to success. You must start taking action.
Take the first step. Take a small step. Commit to it. It’s not about doing it right. Fail forward. It’s not about achieving a lot at first. It’s about creating the habit of ACTION! Trust that results will follow.

CHALLENGE: What are you saying too much of but haven’t taken action on? Where can you commit greater?

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