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What does C>F=R mean?!

(What I Learned from a Pro Golfer)
We’re all guilty of this, asking: “how do you feel…?” In the mornings, after a hard workout, before or after games, in the middle of the off-season. “How do you feel…?”
Here’s the truth – I don’t care how you feel. If you’re consistently acting by you feel, then you’re in trouble. Common individuals, most of our population, ACT by how they FEEL. But what the best understand is that their actions are completely up to them. You can CHOOSE how to ACT!
Here’s a great formula to remember this: C>F=R
Keep your COMMITMENTS greater than your FEELINGS, which will get your RESULTS.
So I ask you… where are you being too emotional? Where are your feelings controlling what you do or when you do things? What can you be more committed to? 
Is it you diet and what you eat? Is it if or when you workout? Are you getting up early? Committed to your sleep? Staying early or after practice for the extra reps?
I don’t care how you feel… You shouldn’t either. Do the work.
Own your outcome!

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