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You Must Build TRUST

I’ve worked with many leaders and teams. One of the most common topics we work on is TRUST. Trust is a tough thing to capture. It’s all over the place. But, I also believe it’s so hard for many because they don’t truly understand what trust is, what to do, or where to begin.

Trust comes from how people experience 3 things...

Here’s the 3 things to build more trust:

1) Your Character

Who you are and how you act.

2) Your Competency

What you know.

3) Your Connection

The relationship you’ve built.

The key word in the above statements is “experience.” Others must experience you to start building trust. Experience comes from the time you’ve spent with someone. Great leaders don’t assume. Others MUST experience your character, competency, and connection!

CHALLENGE: Where can you be better as a leader? What do you need to improve on?




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